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My Story

My Story

We all have a story. I am choosing to share a small piece of my personal story with the world because without my story I wouldn’t be where I am today. The Infinite Souls Wellness Center is a place I take pride in. It is a judgement free zone where I will teach you how to transform your trials & tribulations that are holding you back into fuel to fire up your soul within so you can live the life you dream of living. Remember, a dream without action is just a wish. Let’s take action today, together! You can see a list of obstacles you can overcome on the My Services page. I am here to take that journey with you, inspire you, motivate you,and cheer you on, as your personal Wellness Coach!

Every person has a story that enslaves them to the stereotypes of life. Society tells us we are condemned to a life of suffering if we experience hardships, only allowed to play life’s cards which we were dealt. Today is the day that you break the chains and stop being a victim of circumstance. Today is the day in which you release your story so your light can outshine the darkness.

My story is one of early childhood challenges. I grew up in a broken home where abuse and addiction were present. I struggled through my teenage years trying to overcome my insecurities and gain a sense of self and understanding. I was roped into corporate America at a young age and I found my days would leave me exhausted and unfulfilled. I searched for happiness in all of the wrong places all of which left me feeling numb and empty inside. UNTIL…. I SEARCHED….WITHIN!

I slowly began realizing all I had experienced did not define who I was or who I would become. I was conditioned to believe my past defined my purpose because that was considered “normal”. However, I never believed this was all life had in store for me. I always knew there was something bigger for me to do: a mission, a purpose to motivate others to become the best they can regardless of where they have been; to teach as an example that what happened to us is not who we are. All it requires is turning inward for the answers rather than outward. When you stop looking for validation from the outside world, you find validation and self-worth within. We are all infinite souls. When we believe what we feel, we find truth in our own wisdom.

I was always told, “Jodi, life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies”, “Life isn’t a fairy-tale”, “…that is only in the movies”. Well, from a young age those statements never felt right to me. I just knew my life could be whatever I wanted it to be! I always felt from the core of my being a burning desire that my life CAN be anything I want it to be. I can live in abundance and have the life I feel I am supposed to have. A life fulfilled with purpose. I am not saying that I will not and have not gone through some serious hardships because I have and will again. I just choose to change my perspective of trauma and drama. It really is as simple as changing your perspective. You are not what happened to you. Rather than face trials and tribulations in fear, I now face them with focus! I pay attention to what I’m supposed to be learning from that hardship.

I have always been curious and borderline obsessed with the capacity of our brains. I have a ferocious appetite to learn about its possibilities. I dabbled in meditation first. I learned when you quiet the mind and listen to your soul it speaks to you! Your intuition is your own personal navigation system, you just need to pay attention. Once I saw positive changes occurring, I started practicing the law of attraction. After realizing how magical life can be just by changing my thoughts and setting the right intention, I could not stop. I needed to know more. However, I was working full time and did not know where I would find the time!

When our soul speaks the universe listens.

Shortly after I began my journey of Holistic Healing, I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Most would see this as a road block or hindrance. However, I viewed this as a pathway to greater enlightenment. I knew this was my chance to put action to my beliefs and not live in fear. Rather than get bitter or ask, “why me”, I wanted to stay on the path of enlightenment and awareness I had just started on. Being ill I now had the time and extra motivation to fully practice what I had been preaching. I wanted to go the holistic route and see if I could help heal myself rather than pump chemicals into my body just because that is what the doctor and society were advising me to do.

I did some research and found myself a holistic wellness coach who had experience with clients diagnosed with cancer and she too was a survivor. I started my program of coaching, clinical hypnosis & a plant based diet. My life was forever changed. She helped me tremendously with my illness, confidence, hopes, dreams, and childhood issues which were causing me blocks. After only a few sessions, I wholeheartedly knew it was my calling to help others the way this woman helped me. All of the unfortunate events led me to her office and my life has been forever changed. It is my “fairy-tale” being able to show others they too can live to their fullest potential because we are infinite souls here just passing thru on Earth. So there I found myself researching classes and schools. The next thing I knew I was enrolled and super excited for what was to come! The rest is history!! I did it! I can now live out my purpose with passion, helping others breakthrough their blocks and live their lives to their highest potential.

We all have a purpose, what is yours? Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot live happily all of the time! That is a lie and I am living proof! So let’s get to work and begin looking within so you too can live the life you dream of. The life you are meant to live!

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I’ve known Jodi for years and it has been through her process of healing others that has also encouraged me to step up for myself. She has inspired me to create better alternatives with deep introspection.
- Solymar Ball, Boulder, CO,
Jodi helped to eliminate various mental blockages which were disrupting the life within me. The result is that I am now a far more confident person, and have a much deeper self belief & self worth. Thanks so much Jodi!
- William D., Morristown, NJ,

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