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The Four R’s

The Four R’s

The road to recovery begins with the The Four R’s…

Release. Renew. Regain. Restart!


Release the past. Release negativity. Release conditioned beliefs.
It’s time to let go. It’s time to set free the feelings and insecurities that have been holding you back. Release guilt, fear & doubt among many other limiting beliefs. Identify key areas in your life that are stopping you from maximizing your quality of life & true potential. Erase the negative energy from your being & channel those feelings into a new focus and purpose.


Renew your mind. Renew your soul. Renew your purpose.
Re-channel the energies from your experiences to acquire wisdom and secure self-worth. Every day is a fresh start. Turn the page of today and embark on your goals, your stride & your purpose. Invigorate your mind with motivation, strength, courage, and positivity.


Regain hope. Regain peace. Regain Purpose.
Start celebrating the joys of life. Live the life that you are meant to live. Gain peace of mind & pure tranquility by accomplishing your goals and overcoming life’s toughest obstacles. Regain the focus needed to excel & transcend.


Restart the ignition to a life of abundance, a life a joy, a life of purpose, a life of passion, a life a peace & a life of unconditional love.

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I’ve known Jodi for years and it has been through her process of healing others that has also encouraged me to step up for myself. She has inspired me to create better alternatives with deep introspection.
- Solymar Ball, Boulder, CO,
Jodi helped to eliminate various mental blockages which were disrupting the life within me. The result is that I am now a far more confident person, and have a much deeper self belief & self worth. Thanks so much Jodi!
- William D., Morristown, NJ,

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