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What is Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. When you watch a good movie, listen to music or read a good book that appeals to your emotions, you are in an altered state of consciousness.

Hypnosis, meditation, conscious relaxation — all involve altered states of consciousness. Something interesting happens in these states. The conscious mind is bypassed, and the sub-conscious mind, your marvelous inner creative mind, focuses on that movie, book, music or whatever. It’s known as selective thinking. When you daydream, you are in an altered state of consciousness, selectively thinking about a specific situation.

When you are in an altered state — hypnosis — you can introduce suggestions for positive change to the sub-conscious mind. In such an altered state, the sub-conscious will, if the suggestion is repeated regularly, accept the suggestions and bring about change in your habits. This can apply to quitting smoking, losing weight, building self confidence, being more assertive, adopting better sleeping habits, and much more.

The sub-conscious systematically memorizes everything you do, particularly actions with intense emotions, or repetitive actions. Its functions are habitual. Once it adopts a habit–such as smoking, over-eating, an allergy, irrational fears, and any behavior, it is very difficult to change. When a person is in an altered state — such as hypnosis — selective thinking or focusing can be applied, and suggestions can be given to bring about change.

The sub-conscious mind NEVER, repeat, NEVER sleeps. It absorbs all sounds.

So what does hypnosis feel like? Well, it’s similar to that Sunday morning feeling when you’re half awake, half asleep. You know the world is out there, but you simply choose to relax and stay in bed.

It is one of the best feelings in the Universe. Some people feel they are floating, others feel they are simply heavy and warm. Frequently there is an absence of all stress, all tension, and many discomforts can disappear. It is very difficult to describe — exactly — like trying to describe a sunrise to someone who cannot see, or describing beautiful music to someone who cannot hear. You have to experience it yourself. And you can do it without drugs or chemicals. It is in ability that lies within each and everyone one of us. Once you have experienced hypnosis, you will know what I mean.

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I’ve known Jodi for years and it has been through her process of healing others that has also encouraged me to step up for myself. She has inspired me to create better alternatives with deep introspection.
- Solymar Ball, Boulder, CO,
Jodi helped to eliminate various mental blockages which were disrupting the life within me. The result is that I am now a far more confident person, and have a much deeper self belief & self worth. Thanks so much Jodi!
- William D., Morristown, NJ,

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